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We Know Digital Marketing

Our strategic partnership with Austin-based DigitalMarketer gives us access to the metrics behind more than $15 million on online digital marketing investments.

This means we know what works to create response in a very specific context… the color of a button, the layout of a landing page, or the copy appeal of marketing content.

Now, you’ll know too.  The recommendations we give you are not based on hunches or theories.  They draw on expansive and actionable sources of data that helps us sharpen our insights, and give you superior work.

To compliment this resource, we draw on our own successful senior living community work – working with over 100 communities.

our digital marketing experts are certified partners with Digital Marketers

  • Digital Marketing 100%
  • Strategy Planning 92%
  • Local SEO 97%
  • Search Engine Optimization 96%
  • Google AdWords 88%
  • Content Marketing 91%
  • Email Marketing 88%
  • Facebook Advertising 85%
  • Review Monitoring & Generation 100%

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