Stop and answer these questions before you dive into digital marketing.  Already started – no big deal, but these 4 questions will set the foundation for understanding how you will benefit your ideal resident moving forward and crafting your own Resident Value Journey.

“4 Critical Questions Every Senior Living Community Must Answer”

Hey, everyone, this is Scott R. Wells

Digital Marketing in senior living is challenging…

and it’s only going to get more difficult.

And, with the way your future residents use the internet,

Digital Marketing is also becoming more and more important in the overall sales and marketing equation.

So, here are 4 critical questions every Senior Living Community must answer

before you begin to dive into Digital Marketing and creating your Resident Value Journey

Ok, Question number one

Whom do you serve?

Most don’t think about this…

they don’t answer this question

They think about their community, their food, their services and how to sell those

They don’t focus on the whom

The communities that focus on the whom will survive for the long term as competition rises…

and, they won’t define themselves by the service they provide

They define their community by whom they serve

So, who is that for you?

Not everyone is gonna be a good fit for your community –

define the whom and you can create the marketing to attract the best fits.

What is their situation? What challenges do they have?

Ok, question number 2

What Value do you deliver?

Not what do you sell… this is not asking what service you provide or the levels of care you provide…

it should be describing the desired end-result that your residents and their loved ones achieve –

how do you change them? How do you transform their current reality into
a better future?

You should be describing what your residents achieve… what their family achieves, the desired end-result

All right, question number 3

How will you articulate that value to your prospective residents and their loved ones?

It is not enough just to be able to deliver this value

you must be able to express exactly how you do that… and the fact that you actually do it.

If you cannot effectively communicate this value, generating leads will always be a challenge

Business past is littered with truly amazing businesses with amazing products or services that crashed and burned b/c they did not answer this question effectively.

Ok, and finally question number 4

How will you acquire new residents predictably & profitably?

My guess – just a guess here — is you may have answers to the top 3…

and this one may cause some alarms to go off.

Do you have a system in place?

Can you predict, with confidence, how many web leads you will generate each month?

Ok, so lets review really quick here

Whom do you serve?

What value do you deliver?
How will you articulate that value?
and How will you acquire new residents predictably and profitably?

Thanks for joining me – my name is Scott R. Wells and I’ll see you next time…


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