Discover the 5 Core Elements To Selling Your Senior Living Community.  This is another foundational element in creating your own Resident Value Journey – and 5 questions to help you begin the process.

5 Core Elements of Selling Your Senior Living & Care Community

Hey everyone, I’m Scott R. Wells and today we are going to talk about selling

This is another foundational step in creating your own Resident Value Journey.

So, these are the 5 core elements to selling your senior living and care community.

Here we go, number 1

Is Your Community Truly Valuable?

Is your community really a nice place for a loved one?

Eventually, word will spread on how valuable your community is.

It doesn’t matter how good your Tours are –

if you have a community that does not live up to certain standards then you’re not going to be able to sell…

I get it this may be common sense, but no skills will overcome a bad community in the long run.

Selling is a transfer of confidence.

You need to have the confidence that you have a wonderful community that takes amazing care of your residents.

How confident are you in the value of your community?

Do you deserve to win?

Ok, number 2.

Is Your Messaging Relevant?

Do you have a deep understanding of what your prospective residents or their loved ones are going through?

And, is that communicated in your messaging?

Or, are you talking about your community?

It is crucial, it is vital that we understand and have empathy for the process they are going through.

We must have a deep understanding of the Before state they are in right now

and the After state they are looking for.

In other words, are you talking more about your community

or more about what their families want?

Are you talking more about your food and amenities

or are you talking more about their feelings and the process they are going through?

Take a quick look at the homepage of your website – this is a good gauge.

Ok, Question number 3

Is your messenger Credible?

Do you have a worthy messenger?

Do you have a messenger at all?

In today’s internet peopel want to connect – who can they connect with from yor community?

Ok, number 4

Is your offer Sequential?

Is your offer of a Tour sequential?

Is it being delivered in the right sequence?

Does the offer follow the same form and function of a normal, healthy human relationship?

Do you move too quickly?

Do you creep your prospective residents out?
Warning – It DOES hurt to ASK.

You cannot go backwards – If you come on too strong

even if your community is great –

if it is delivered in the wrong sequence you can ruin the deal.

your process needs to be sequential –

and that sequence follows normal human relationships.

Are you asking them to schedule a tour before you have provided any value?

Ok, question number 5

Is your process Scientific?

Do you have a proven process?

This is not something new – a predictable and profitable process

All right let’s review

• Is Your Community Valuable?

• Is Your Messaging Relevant?

• Is Your Messenger Credible?

• Is Your Offer Sequential?

• Is Your Process Scientific?

The 5 Core Elements of Selling Your Senior Living & Care Community

Getting these right – and truly digging in will help provide the foundation for creating your own Resident Value Journey

This is Scott R. Wells and thanks for joining me

and, if you have not signed up for the Resident Value Journey class yet, go sign up

It walks you through the 8 step strategy to take prospective residents from

unaware of your community to raving fans.

See you on that journey.


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