Digital Marketing tactics & strategy change very quickly and if you are not evolving your senior living & care community may be getting left behind.  Don’t romanticize the past and question everything.  What is my ROI of my current strategy?  Do I have a current strategy?  Watch our video to learn how.

Are you making the same digital marketing mistakes

over and over again?

Hey everyone – I’m Scott R. Wells and I want to share a story with you

There’s a story about 2 elk hunters

Who were flown into a remote location in Alaska

By the end of the hunt, they had 4 elk to bring home

When the pilot returned to take them out of the valley

The pilot saw the 4 elk and said, we have a problem

The plane can only carry 2 elk

The hunters were outraged, they said listen,

We were here just last year

and the plane that carried us out was the same…

The weather… the same… and we had 4 elk then too

The pilot says, well ok, you guys must know more than me

So, they loaded up the elk, the hunters, and the pilot

and took off.

The plane started climbing out of the valley

but began to lose altitude

The engine sputtered and it crashed.

As they stumbled out of the wreckage,

One hunter asks the other if he knew where they were

He said I don’t know for sure

But, I think about a mile from where we crashed last year

To err is human, surely

but why do we get stuck in this pattern

making the same errors over and over again

Well, this happens because under stress

we tend to revert back to things we know

things we have done in the past

we tend to romanticize the past

Instead of evolving and growing

Now, I see a lot of progress and discussion around

Advancements in Delivery of Care

And improving the look and feel of your community

And, why is this?

Well, it’s happening because

Technology and medicine are advancing

Creating progress in extending the quality of life

Today’s resident is different from yesterday’s resident

And the family members who may be involved in the process

Are also different.

They expect a more contemporary look and feel

And This progress is tremendous

But, I would ask you

are you giving the same type of scrutiny to your

Digital Marketing and sales efforts.

Are you questioning the current strategies?

Are you digging into the ROI of those strategies?

Are you taking into account this new, more tech-savvy resident?

Are you taking into account that they don’t interact

On the internet, like they did even 5 years ago,

Today’s future resident demands value

They demand a more interactive experience

And those that provide this experience will win.

This is a delicate dance between

Avoiding the shiny object syndrome,

But not being blind to advantages

your community Can leverage.

Question everything and make sure

You are not stuck with outdated strategies

The repel your future resident rather than attract them

Thanks for joining me.

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