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Why Do You Need A Call Center?

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Lower odds to schedule a tour if new leads aren't contacted within 1 hour
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Of senior living tours are the result of an inbound phone call
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Hours saved by communities using our our call center, allowing them the freedom to provide better care and grow their community

How Our Call Center Service Works


Before taking calls for your community, our Call Center agents become experts on your community by reviewing the information you’ve provided and researching your community independently


We begin setup by replacing your community phone number anywhere they are listed online with our Tracking Numbers, allowing us to begin receiving calls


We officially start representing your community by answering all inbound calls, contacting & managing new leads, and routing any other calls to their desired destination

Details About Our Call Center Service

Senior Living Sales Experts

Experts in senior living sales, our Resident Acquisition Management Team (RAM Team) will masterfully represent your community at the highest level to build relationships, nurture leads, and most importantly – schedule tours.


Let Caregivers Do What They Do Best

Caregivers can now focus on what they’re good at – providing care. Not being a phone operator or a sales person. We’ve saved communities thousands of hours of answering calls, planning, researching, and managing leads. That’s valuable time your community can use to provide better care for your residents.

Schedule Tours In Your Sleep

Whether you’re working in your community, handling business critical duties, or getting some much deserved rest – you can be confident that the RAM Team is working hard on your behalf to schedule tours and fill your community.


Speed to Lead

If new leads aren’t contacted within 1 hour, the ability to simply schedule a tour instantly decreases by 50%. This can be nearly impossible to achieve for caregivers/owners who have countless things demanding their attention. Which is why having a dedicated call center team solely focused on rapid lead follow-up is such an effective strategy.

Calls Get Answered

One of the most important factors for increasing internet traffic (and leads) is whether or not calls are answered when your community receives them – no matter what type of calls they are. Don’t stress over answering every call (most of which likely won’t be from qualified leads) and leave that up to our RAM Team.



Specially Designed for Senior Living Communities


Currently, our Call Center operates from 8am-6pm CST. However, we are rapidly increasing our Call Center team to be able to operate 24/7 soon.

With new leads, the Call Center immediately follows up with the intention of scheduling a tour. If the lead doesn’t respond, we consistently follow up throughout the course of a month to try and schedule a tour. If they are still unresponsive after that, we classify them as “Cold Leads” in which we reconnect with them less often every month after that – until we schedule a tour or are told to cease contact.

In order to utilize the full potential of our Call Center, we require users to also purchase Ralience through our Move In Automation. In Ralience, you can view all the detailed notes our Call Center leaves for each call, as well as additional details like call sources, call length, recordings, etc. Your staff can quickly view this information to inform their interactions with leads on their end. Furthermore, you can also integrate calendars into Ralience so that our RAM Team knows exactly when you’re available for tours to be scheduled.

You will always be notified via email when new tours are scheduled by our RAM Team.

Yes! Your community numbers will never cease to work. We replace all your numbers online with our Tracking Numbers since that’s the only way we can receive calls. To get the maximum benefit of our call center, we recommend using our Tracking Numbers as much as possible.

Absolutely! The only way we can provide call recordings is through our Move In Automation tool, Ralience, where all call details, notes, and recordings are held. However, feel free to reach out to if you need occasional call recordings sent to you.

All calls that come in after hours or calls that are missed will be automatically routed to your community to have a better chance of being answered. The RAM Team will always follow up with missed calls ASAP.

Our Call Center is organized and created in Albuquerque, NM with agents located in Mexico and the Philippines. All agents are perfectly fluent in English with a long track record of success nurturing leads and scheduling tours.

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