Is selling something that is taught or are some people just born with it?  Can selling really be predictable?  Watch now to learn our take…

Can Selling Really Be Predictable?

Hey, everyone, it’s Scott R. Wells and today we are going to dive into this subject of selling and predictability.

I get asked this question all the time

Can selling really be predictable?

Is this really possible?

Is selling an art or science?

Are some people good at it and born with it?

Or, is it a science that can truly be optimized and measured and made predictable?

For this, I lean on a brilliant author, Robert Cialdini

He wrote the book Influence and more recently Pre-Suasion

In “Presuasion” he speaks to this age-old debate and here is what he said:

“The process of persuasion is governed by psychological laws,

which means that similar procedures can produce similar results over a wide range of situations…

And, if persuasion is lawful, it is unlike artistic impression, learnable.”

So, Persuasion is learnable and those things that are learnable can be predictable

Selling and persuasion are essentially the same things

Selling is learnable and scientific

You don’t have to be a world-class copywriter or salesperson

You must create and believe in a repeatable process.

A predictable and profitable process.

Ok, thanks for joining me – this is Scott R. Wells signing off until next time


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