Cancel Services

Cancel Services

We're sorry to see you go.

WARNINGService cancellation will result in the immediate termination of all ConversionFormula assets related to your package (Ralience, Conversion Tools, RAM Team, and many of our ranking factors for your community)

Please Note: In order to prevent the rebilling on your next service date, please make sure to cancel at least 3 business days before your next billing date.

We’d really appreciate if you could provide your feedback on why you’re cancelling so we can make our services even better.


If you're only cancelling some services and keeping the rest, your pricing will decrease by the exact amount of the cancelled packages' current price listed HERE.

Yes. You're welcome to cancel services at any time even if you purchased an annual package. However, we cannot refund/reimburse any charges for any packages per our Terms & Conditions.

Yes. Without the use of our lead generation tools and/or Local SEO packages, you may notice a dramatic decrease in both traffic and leads. This may not happen immediately, as our processes are built to provide lasting impact, but without continuous upkeep they will certainly degrade over time.

We will email you a CSV file with all of your contacts and contact info within 3 days of cancelling.

No. We will immediately disable the code that displays the Conversion Tools which will make any links to the tools redirect users to an empty page unless otherwise changed.

If we have an email on file for you or your community, we will transfer ownership of your GBP to that email within 3 days of cancelling. If we don't have an email to use, we will simply relinquish our access and you'll have to regain ownership through Google.

If you're using our Website Development & Hosting service, we provide a 10 day grace period for you to find an alternative hosting solution for your site. After 10 days post-cancellation, we will remove the site from our hosting platform. If an alternative hosting solution hasn't been implemented by then, the website will effectively be shut down until hosting is reinstated. We do not provide hosting transfer/migration assistance.

For all other websites not on our Website Development & Hosting service, your site will stay live.

The phone numbers that allow our RAM Team to receive calls are tracking numbers owned by our call system, so after cancelling Call Center servcies they will no longer work. Depending on your package, we may update your digital asstes (website, GBP) to show your old phone number again.

We are not able to provide refunds per our Terms & Conditions. For any additional questions please contact us directly.

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