Want More Move-Ins?  Improve Your Marketing for Your Senior Living & Care Community.

The world’s first “teenagers”. Drive-in movies. Hamburgers and malts. Rock and roll.

Chubby Checker. Elvis. The Beatles. Easy Rider. Born to Be Wild.

Mouseketeers. Flower Children. Hippies. Feminists. Civil rights workers. Astronauts.

TVs. Dishwashers. Microwaves. Cell phones. Laptops.

Today’s seniors are like no other generation of seniors before them. They’ve seen the world change in incredible ways. They’ve MADE many of those changes possible.

So why are you still marketing to them like they’re no different from their parents and grandparents? Why is your marketing still all about YOU?

Why Your Marketing Doesn’t Work

Today’s consumers are much savvier, and some might say cynical, for traditional company/product-centric marketing. They really aren’t that interested in what you’ve got, or who you are. They want to know one thing and one thing only:


What’s the final outcome of dealing with you? What do I REALLY get if I become a resident of your senior living or care community? What does my loved one REALLY get if I place them in your care?  Is MY desired end-result going to happen?

And no, the answer is NOT:

*your activities
*your skilled staff
*your menu
*your laundry facilities
*your landscaping

Or any of the other gazillion THINGS you have to offer. And that means a change, for YOU, in how you market, and thinking about marketing, to THEM.

Here’s where you’re going wrong with your marketing messages. You are still focused on YOU and what YOU have to offer in material, physical terms. You’re thinking in terms of what can razzle and dazzle them.

In marketing terms, you’re so busy selling the sizzle that you’ve forgotten the reason they wanted the steak in the first place.

What Your Marketing Is Getting Wrong

People come to you with a problem. They want that problem solved. The better you can solve that problem, the more likely you are to turn that prospect into a resident, or the family member of a resident. And most of the time, that problem isn’t what you think it is.

It’s not:

*a lack of activities or social opportunities
*a need for constant care
*a lack of good healthy food
*clean sheets
*lovely surroundings

Or any of the other gazillion things you think it is. Even when, at the outset, it may appear that any or all of those things are the issue at hand, it really isn’t.

Your Prospective Resident’s Core Concerns

The core issue is peace of mind. A sense of safety and security. A safety net of caregivers on hand when needed. Contentment and carefree days. An end to sleepless nights and stress-filled days.

There’s a conversation going on in your prospective resident’s mind. It may be a real conversation going on in the prospect’s family. “What do I/we do now? What do I/we really NEED? Where do I/we go to find what I/we need, that also meets my/our WANTS? Who can I/we trust to meet those needs and wants?”

The widow wants to know that she won’t have to spend days and nights alone in a big empty house anymore.

The family has to feel certain that their Alzheimer’s patient will no longer be endangering herself in the middle of the night.

The son, living hundreds of miles away, needs to know that Mom and Dad won’t be worried about shoveling snow, mowing grass, getting to appointments, or cleaning the house.

THOSE are the “things” your prospective residents are concerned with. Your food, your laundry, your skilled staff – those are all extras or nice-to-haves. They are important pieces of the menu to be sure, but they aren’t the main course.

What Your Marketing SHOULD Be Doing

Your marketing has to address those true needs. You have to become a participant in that conversation. You need to provide answers to those questions and have proof to back up your claims. You can learn about this in our previous post about the Resident Value Journey.

And before you can do that, you need to change YOUR mind. You MUST create the marketing mindset that it’s NOT all about you or those unimportant “things”. It’s not the sizzle. It’s not even the steak. It’s the hunger that’s brought them to your table in the first place.

Resident-Centric Marketing

Resident-centric marketing addresses that hunger. It gets to the core issues at hand. It’s the answer to your dilemma of what to do to reach today’s seniors and their families more effectively, more profitably, and more predictably.

Resident-centric marketing focuses on the future resident or their family. It meets their needs. Joins their conversations. Answers their questions, and if it’s really, really, good, answers them before they can ask.

It’s not just addressing the future resident or using “you” language. It’s more than knowing some cultural or linguistic references to use to make yourself appear caring or knowledgeable. It’s a process and a philosophy on which you hang your every marketing effort. It’s the secret to today’s marketing success.

In our next article, we’ll discuss resident-centric marketing in more detail. For now, your homework if you will, is to begin working on your own mindset. Explore the ways in which your marketing mindset is community-centric, and then brainstorm ways to turn that around and make it more resident-centric. Work on YOU first. And then once you’re ready, we can begin to make your marketing efforts more resident-centric, too.

ConversionFormula and the Resident-Centric Marketing Mindset

We really understand this resident-centric stuff. It’s one reason why we built the SmartChoices Tool, to help you answer some of those questions and engage in those prospects’ conversations. If you’d like to see how it does that, and what it can do for your community as part of your very own resident-centric marketing, check out the demo here. 

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