In part 2 of this 3 part series, Scott R. Wells discusses how conversations are the new lead – and not the conversations you are thinking about.

Hey everyone, Scott R. Wells back with you for Part 2

Where we are discussing 3 big shifts in marketing that are happening right now

And how they affect how you market your senior living and care community

The second big shift – Conversations are the new lead

New technology is making some crazy things possible

It’s also making things complicated.

And, if you want to thrive and adapt

you need to invest in conversations

With your prospective residents.

Now, you’re probably thinking – yea Scott

Of course, we want to talk to our potential residents.

That isn’t the type of conversations they are looking for however

At least not yet.

This is where technology comes in

We want to leverage technology, more specifically

Automation and chatbots

And these help drive those more, REAL human conversations

How do you do this?

Well, you know what they are looking for.

You know where their pain is

And then, you ask the RIGHT questions

That begin to move them through the resident value journey

And you earn the right to ask for that human conversation

So the key here is to leverage technology to move the process forward

Leverage the technology to filter and expedite the process forward.

This concept of chatbots is gaining steam – and it’s a bit scary for some.

These bots will not replace human conversations, but they can handle the front end

Then pass that lead off when they are wanting and needing a human

This is just another way to provide front-end value

And become that trusted advisor

All right, this is Scott R. Wells – Thanks for joining me

and I will see you for part 3 in the coming days.

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