Close more tours into move-ins.  If the prospective resident is a good fit then discover how to ask questions and create natural tension to close more deals – quicker.

Hey everyone, this is Scott R. Wells

Selling is what makes your community move

without the selling, nothing else happens.

Now, I am not saying the component of service is not important,

Of course, it is

but nothing else is even possible without sales and filling occupancy.

Unfortunately, selling has become a bad word

and sales are incredibly dysfunctional.

But, here is what I’ve found…

If you’re selling to someone that genuinely needs what you have

and you ask the right questions

and you get the right information,

guess what people do?

They close themselves.

And if you can understand how to do that,

you create natural tension

And, tension is the chemistry of sales

People who aren’t uncomfortable about their situation, rarely move.

Most people require a high level of tension to say –

I better do something about this.

And so the goal is to actually create that tension

And this starts with your marketing, your messaging, your content.

And continues all the way through the tour and beyond

And when you can do that

people naturally want to transform

they want your community over the others

You stop being a commodity

and you start connecting on a deeper level.

People who are comfortable don’t transform

Let’s face it – moving to a senior living community
requires a high level of discomfort or desire to change.

And, If you want that level of transformation

you need to explore, deeply, the consequences

of their current reality that they’re unsatisfied with

and feel the emotions that go with it.

Now the tension can be created by taking them into areas of pain

And the cascading effect of that pain
into other areas of their life

And then tension is also created by talking

about where it is that they want to go in the future

their desired end-result

Both of these scenarios create tension

Now we can only do this if it is genuine

Why is that?

Well, this fly’s directly in the face of every fiber of our being

Naturally, we’re herd mammals

and we don’t like making people uncomfortable

So, what do we do once it becomes uncomfortable

We want to release that tension and comfort them

Versus… letting them sit with it and feel it.

And when you remove the tension,

either with humor or comparisons,

their desire to change is removed too.

So, it’s important we become very comfortable

With social tension.

And, it’s hard.

It becomes a balance between tension and empathy

And that is why so few people thrive in sales environments

If you want to become great at selling

you must learn about their current situation

explore things in an ethical and moral way

that make people feel discomfort to a level where

they decide they wanna change.

So, how do YOU create tension in your sales and marketing?

Are you asking the right questions?

Are you getting the right information?

Do you understand this balance of tension and empathy?

And, are you leveraging this tension throughout the process?

Your selling depends on these questions.

I’m Scott R. Wells – thanks for joining me.

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