An introduction to the Resident Value Journey – which is the backbone of any successful senior living marketing strategy.

This is where digital marketing for your senior living & care community begins and ends…

With a Resident Value Journey… that strategically builds a relationship with new prospective residents and their families… and converts them into move-ins and advocates for your community.

My name is Scott R. Wells, the founder & CEO of ConversionFormula… and in this video series, we are going to take a journey.

This Journey is the process every prospective resident goes through to become a move-in.

It’s how strangers become residents and, eventually, raving fans of your community.

The hard and very real truth is that marketing is not a one-step process. There are eight stages you must account for on the path to move-in and higher occupancy.

But, I have great news. If you understand this digital marketing strategy, named the Resident Value Journey, then you can intentionally engineer your communities marketing strategy in such a way that it moves people predictably through the stages in this template.

In other words, you’ll no longer wonder if you’ll be able to generate web leads… You won’t have to cross your fingers and hope for getting new tours scheduled. And, you can stop paying for third party leads and generate your own move-ins.

When you understand the Resident Value Journey, even reviews and referrals will become automatic.

The Resident Value Journey… is the strategic foundation of everything we do here at ConversionFormula.  It’s the master template upon which every other digital marketing discipline, strategy, and tactics are built.

It’s so important, we confidently make this bold statement:

The job of marketing is to move prospective residents seamlessly and subtly through each phase of the Resident Value Journey.

Let me say that one more time – The job of marketing is to move prospective residents seamlessly and subtly through each phase of the Resident Value Journey.

Moving prospective residents through each phase is not only important – it is vital to the success of your strategy and getting more move-ins.

Too often we see communities violating the natural laws of human relationships and attempt to short cut the system and skip steps.

The importance of sequencing is so vital that if done wrong you can turn away potential tours because let’s face it – most people are looking for reasons to not tour your community.

We can move prospective residents quickly through the steps, but skipping steps is like asking someone to marry you before you have even gone on a date – it’s just creepy.

Now, this is all predicated on one vital assumption – that your community is an amazing place for our moms, dads, grandparents, brother sisters to live.

If you cannot say that with 100% certainty, please don’t implement this plan as nothing will help you until you fix that foundation.

So, now that you understand why it’s important… here’s what the Resident Value Journey looks like:  Starting at the bottom left and progressing forward.

Now, let’s walk through the 8-step process of crafting your digital marketing strategy to increase web leads, tours, and move-ins.

Grade Your Current Resident Value Journey