Paid Media is the go-to solution most marketing agencies recommend for senior living communities.  But, is it the right fit?


Hey there – my name is Scott R. Wells, founder & CEO of ConversionFormula

And the creator of the SmartChoices Tool

Today I want to discuss a question I often get

Is Paid Media right for my community?

I get this question often – I think mainly for two reasons.

It is a strategy that is pushed by a lot of marketing agencies

And secondly, we at ConversionFormula don’t push it

At least not publicly.

Why is that?

Well, it ties directly into is this a good fit for your community

To jump directly into paid media – and by paid media I mean

Google Adwords, Display advertising, Facebook Ads, etcetera.

These types of platforms can be a wealth of success if done properly.

They can also bleed you dry if you are not doing them with a ton of forethought.

So, here are a couple questions you need to consider before diving into paid media:

Have I narrowed down the Whom properly?

Whom do you serve? You cannot define your community

By your levels of care any longer – not in today’s marketing world.

So, whom do you serve – and how do you take them from

Their current situation, their prison

To their desired end-result, their paradise.

If you don’t define the whom properly your net will be too wide

And, a net that is too wide misses the mark too often.

Ok, next question…

How are you going to capture leads?

What pages will you be driving the traffic to?

Does that page or pages reflect the whom and their challenge?

Or, are you talking about your community?

Too often, I see communities engage in a paid media campaign

Without taking the new searcher into consideration

And the fact that they want to know, what’s in it for me?

Remember, we are dealing with humans – and we need to treat that relationship

Like a normal healthy human relationship.

You don’t ask someone to marry you before knowing their name

That’s just kinda creepy.

You just met them, give them something of value and build trust

And your conversion will rise.

If you do not have a website that consistently converts

You will be pouring water into a leaky bucket – and that water

Is expensive water.

If you are converting typically at 1 or 2% what makes you think that is going to change

Just because the traffic source changes?

It won’t.

So, if you are considering a venture into paid media

Define the whom – know what they want

Know where they are on their resident value journey

And take them from their prison into their paradise

Then, by all means, turn the faucet on with paid media.

This was one of the main drivers behind creating the SmartChoices Tool

To increase conversions without having to completely redesign a website

To give your visitors value in exchange for them becoming a lead.

Ok, hope this helps

If you like this video – give it a like and maybe even go crazy and share it

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Send me a message

This is Scott R. Wells – thanks for joining me.

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