Is your senior living community looking outside the box with Digital Marketing?  Sometimes, we need to rely on the aspects of what we want and look outside of the normal solutions to find what we need.  Scott explores this in today’s video.

Are You Looking For A Faster Horse?

Hey everyone, this is Scott R. Wells

“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said a faster horse.”

This quote is widely attributed to Henry Ford,

Although, no one really knows if Henry Ford actually said this or not

What we do know is there was a certain level of genius to Ford

His genius is in creating

the first mass-market automobile – the Model T

and, While Ford may not have asked his customers

If they wanted an automobile there were clues to what they did want

Faster transportation.

And, an innovator should understand

Their customer’s problems based on what they hear,

What they see, through stories

or even intuition.

So, when I listened to my communities

about their challenges with digital marketing

The answers were clear

they wanted a higher quality and quantity of web leads

More specifically they said

We don’t drive enough of our own leads so we are forced

To use services who generate them for us –

they saw them as a necessary evil.

So, I probed a bit further –

in an ideal world, what would your leads look like?

Again, the answers were clear

They wanted to convert more of their website visitors into web leads

They wanted to generate enough leads, on their own,

So they were not relying on the referral sites.

They wanted a higher quality lead with more information

Rather than just a name, email, and phone number.

They wanted these leads to be unique

and finally

They wanted this on a limited budget.

Sounds easy enough, right?

They wanted faster transportation…

This is where the SmartChoices Tool was born – to solve these problems

We needed to create a solution that helped

drive a higher quality and quantity of leads

and, nurtured those leads to schedule tours if they weren’t quite ready yet.

We needed a way to provide value to the prospective residents

And get them to provide contact information

And do all of this at a low price point.

No one asked for exactly what we created, but it checked all the boxes.

The idea of a questionnaire is not unique or revolutionary

But how we combine software, digital marketing tactics & strategy

At a low price point – IS.

So, I encourage you to look outside the box

Maybe you think you need a faster horse – but, what you really need

Is the SmartChoices Tool.

My name is Scott R. Wells and if you are looking for

Higher quality and quantity of web leads

Then contact me and let’s see if this is a good fit for your community.

Until next time, take care.


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