Part 3 – the finale… it is time for video.  Scott R. Wells discusses the need for senior living video marketing and guess what – if you are watching this it is probably you that needs to step up…

Hey everyone, my name is Scott R. Wells and welcome back

For Part 3 of our series on 3 Big Digital Marketing shifts

and how they affect marketing

your senior living and care community.

This is the 3rd big shift and in most industries…

This is already in effect… and that is fine by the way.

We should learn from other industries on what is

And what is not working.

Ok, so the 3rd big shift for your community.

You ready for this?


Yup, video.

High quality, intentional, video.

Now, some of you are watching this and saying

Scott, I have this amazing walkthrough video showing our community.

With spectacular elevator music

Ok, this used to be a great solution

5 years ago

Not today – not with technology today…

And… the most important piece of this –

Not with the expectations of today’s searcher

The adult children or the prospective resident.

They expect more – you need to give them more.

So, how do you begin to leverage video?

First, Have a worthy messenger

Who is that in your community?

Not a resident… an employee.

If you’re watching this – it’s probably you.

Step up and get your message out there

about how amazing your community is.

Second, leverage video on multiple fronts

Use it for content to attract new residents

Use it to nurture those who took a tour and are still deciding

Use it to get positive reviews of happy residents.

The point is video is how your potential residents

Consume content online so it’s time

To get on the video train.

Thanks for joining me for this series

If you want to discuss any of these new trends

And how they affect your community

Get in contact with me and let’s start a conversation

I’m Scott R. Wells, thanks.