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Why Do You Need An Optimized Website?

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Of senior living consumers research options on search engines (like Google)
Online searches related to senior care are made every hour in the U.S
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Increase in the online searches for “senior living” the past year alone

How Our Optimized Website Service Works


Our Optimized Websites are customized with your community’s information & branding


Once the site is customized, we’ll proceed with publishing the site live on a domain you provide to us


Once your new website is live, we’ll continuously monitor & maintain the site to ensure it’s always protected and in perfect condition

Details About Our Optimized Website

Show Up Online

Without an effectively developed & optimized website, it’s nearly impossible to generate leads online. Our websites allow communities to showcase their brand and services to an entirely new audience that wouldn’t be reached without one.


Generate Qualified Leads

It’s no longer sustainable for senior living communities to only rely on in person relationships and referrals for new residents. Our beautifully optimized websites will be your #1 referral source, and will function as one of your community’s greatest assets.

Optimized For Potential Residents and Google

Built to provide meaningful assistance to potential residents through interactive & engaging content, and to satisfy Google’s rigorous guidelines for ranking, our websites have the best of both worlds. This is the only proven method to create a highly converting website.


Hands Free Maintenance

Feel confident that your website stays in perfect shape through constant maintenance and monitoring – with no work required on your end. Just sit back and enjoy your new lead generating website.

Built For Speed and Security

With lighting fast, highly secure, and dedicated hosting – your website will always be operating at peak performance. And once again, none of this requires any work from you. We handle it all.


Before and After
Website Development & Hosting





Specially Designed for Senior Living Communities


Nope! Everything is handled by our expert Website Development team. From design creation to monthly maintenance, we take care of it all so you can focus on other important tasks.

Yes. In order to keep our website costs below $100/month, we require a 12 month commitment. Totaling out at $1,164 per year - that’s still significantly lower than the average website development cost of $12,000 minimum. For more information, please view our Terms & Conditions.

You do! Once you sign up for our website service, you’ll provide us with the exact domain you want the website to be built on. Whether you continue or cancel services, the domain will always remain yours.

If content and/or images aren’t provided to us to use, we will generate our own content/images. Our content is SEO optimized & written by experts in senior living with Bachelor's degrees or higher, but may be repeated across websites. Images are purchased stock images that are also SEO optimized.

Changes to the website once it’s live are handled on a case by case basis. Most small design/content changes can be easily made by our team by contacting them at However, any large changes to the site usually can’t be made without additional charges in order for us to keep our package prices low.

We classify the website as “semi-customized” with approximately 60% of the site being personalized. The general structure of the website is built from our templates that may be repeated across communities - but the content, branding, colors, logos, etc will all be personalized to your community.

Most of the time, you don’t get to keep the website after canceling services. In some situations, we may discuss transferring website ownership to the client, but this is done on a case by case basis. Please contact us for more info.

If Website Development & Hosting Services are canceled, the website will effectively cease to function. It will no longer be available to view online and won’t continue generating traffic or leads. On a case by case basis, we may discuss selling rights to the website for a one time cost - in which case you’ll have ownership of the site indefinitely. For more information, please view our Terms & Conditions.

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