If you ever seen footage of how a car is made, then likely you know how fluid the process is like. Previously-created parts are sent down a line to a system of workers and robots. The parts are assemble, design and the results are a sent out both quickly and efficiently. The next step is for the cars to be sold in various places around the country.

The same can be said about email marketing. People think that using email marketing for their business involves hours of crafting personalized emails. Meanwhile they fear that their emails will go unread or marked as spam.

However, it shouldn’t be like that. Email marketing can be done efficiently for any business, including those involving senior living. When done right, it can flow like a car being assembled. All you must do is create the right kind of emails and send them out. After that, you can watch as the potential residents show interest and respond to your emails.

This system of email marketing as designed by Digital Marketer and is called “The Machine”. This strategy consists of an optimized system of emails that generates revenue for your business.

Here’s how it works. Each email that you send to your potential customers/residents is one part of the machine’s system.

  • Indoctrination – Teach potential residents who or what your business is.
  • Engagement – Get them to buy in/become a part of your residential community.
  • Ascension – Get them to buy in to more services/addons.
  • Segmentation – Figuring out what they want to buy next.
  • Reengagement/Win Back – Bring them back in case they have lost interest or need guidance.

Each step is dependent upon the last, thus creating five stages of email marketing. The following show how senior living communities can create a successful email marketing strategy, However, if you want a more detailed guide, Digital Marketer provides the public with a free copy.

Digital Marketer's email machine layout

Your competitors aren’t using all five stages, this is an expensive mistake.

When you get an understanding of the five stages of “the machine”, you’ll be able to create an automated email marketing series. With the right steps, it will create a new stream of revenue for your business. As long as your prospects (potential senior living residents) are well INDOCTRINATED, they can be easily ENGAGED. From there, they can be easily ASCENDED, then SEGMENTED. Afterwards, you can REENGAGE and WIN BACK those who needed to be. Doing this will maximize the revenue you generate from this system. As long as you sends out the right emails, the potential and current residents can be easily moved to the next stage.

Sending Out the Right Indoctrination Emails

indoctrination emails can help increase your senior living community - image provided by Digital Marketer

To start off, let’s picture the situation your senior living community is in.

Currently, your business’s email list has list of potential residents’ contact information. This either gained from lead generation or other sources. It is likely you need help on starting things off with this email list. Most businesses would start emailing immediately. However, what businesses do wrong is HOW they email their potential residents.

Businesses tend to make the mistake and overload their email list with uninteresting content. Because of their quality they would be ineffective and hardly pick up any interest. This can be resolved by INDOCTRINATING your prospects with educational information regarding your senior living residential community. Think of the following:

  • What is your senior community? Where is it located?
  • What does your community have that others don’t?
  • What can they benefit by becoming a resident?
  • How often should they expect something from your business/community?
  • What should they (the potential customer) do next? Call? Contact? Follow up?

These indoctrination emails only need to be sent out once. As long as you make your business’s message and focus clear and precise, your prospects will be well indoctrinated. In some cases, sending out indoctrination emails as a series is acceptable. The first could be a simple welcoming message. The second could be a detailed inquiry in order to know more about your target audience.

Let’s put this in an example for a senior living community.  indoctrinating its prospects with a singular email. You would want to have something like the following:



This is Harry MacDougall, founder of MacDougall Senior Lofts of Scottsdale, Arizona. We thank you for taking the time to show interest in our community. As you may have heard, our community differs from others as we promote a healthy and organic atmosphere by using only organic materials for our seniors. That way, our residents live the best years of their lives in a pure, more refined style. We’ll keep you up to date on what our residential community has to offer. Should you want to take the next step and learn on becoming a part of our fair community, either reply to this email or call us at the phone number listed in this email.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Harry MacDougall, Founder of MacDougall Senior Lofts of Scottsdale


Notice how the email asks prospects to engage with the company by replying back or contacting the community with a phone call. Engagement is extremely important, which will be the main focus of the next part.

Sending out the Right Engagement Emails

engagement emails can help convert prospects into customers - image provided by digital marketer

When done properly, engagement emails can convert prospects into actual customers.  This is because their prime focus is making offers.

For example, some companies send out an engagement emails to those who are interested in their partner program. This can be done by downloading a free report or tool from their site. Afterwards, the company would follow up with an email recommending that they opt-in on the company’s core offer product/service.

Let’s focus on senior living communities. Let’s say the community has gotten replies from their indoctrination emails. They would then follow up with offering a scheduled tour of their facilities.

Businesses often can see large gains and sales by utilizing an engagement emails. The company, Digital Marketer has this type of email training in their series of their 7-day engagement, if you want to get a more detailed look on the subject.

Ascending Customers with Compelling Emails

ascension emails and senior living residency - images provided by digital marketer

Emails in the Ascension stage is where you can obtain larger amounts of revenue for your business. The reason is because the likelihood that a portion of your current buyers are likely to buy more of your business’s offerings.

For every customer that you have acquired from engagement, they should also receive a series of ascension emails. These emails should persuade your current customers into making more purchases.

Let’s focus on our the example community. From time to time, in order to ascend its residents, the community would run a series of ascension emails showcasing their additional upgrades/services.

Hello there fellow residents of MacDougall Senior Lofts:

I am happy to announce that we are now offering a new in-house dry cleaning subscription service. Normally you would have to one of the local dry cleaning services pick up and deliver your dry cleaning. However, with our new in-house dry cleaning service, we can do that for you for only 25.99 per month. If you are interested in this subscription, simply reply to this email or call the office anytime during business hours.

Harry MacDougall, Founder of MacDougall Senior Lofts


Ascension offers can also be offered as soon as someone has been engaged and converted. For senior living communities, as soon as someone applies and makes their first payment, they are shown the available premium upgrades. Upgrades can be things such as like bigger rooms, upgrades or anything else that they offer.

Regarding Customers Refusing Ascension Offers and Emails

You will likely run into customers and prospects saying no to your engagement and ascension offers. Just because they refused doesn’t mean they have dropped off the machine. The logical step is to keep engaging with them with a different message. Change the message of your emails until your business gets a positive response.


Segmenting Your Senior Living Audience with Email Marketing

segmenting emails can help find more about your current customers - image provided by digital marketer

Segmentation emails’ main purpose is to gain your customers’ and prospects’ attention and have them show interest in a producer or service that you offer. When you have gotten their attention, your business can then put them in the a series of emails that are more fit for their interest.
Let’s focus on MacDougall’s, our example community. The management wanted to know if their current customers are interested in their new upscale lofts. They would then send out a series of emails with a link showcasing their new lofts.

Hello there.

We are MacDougall’s Senior Loft are pleased to announced their newly built Phoenix Lofts. These lofts offer the same amenities of our regular lofts but have more space and newer carpeting. If you want to hear more on these new lofts, you can check out this video.

 [Link to the page with video]

As soon as a resident clicks on the link to the video, they will be segmented and receive follow up emails like the following.

Hello again.

Thanks so much for checking our video detailing the Phoenix lofts. While that was just a small video detailing the new lofts, we wish for your thoughts. Do you have questions? Would you like to schedule a tour? Click on the link in this email and tell us what you think!

[Link to page to schedule a tour]

People who are segmented are then fed back to the system’s engagement and ascension emails. By sending out one segmenting email, you are setting off a chain reaction of sales and revenue.

Email Marketing Through Reengagement

reengage with your current customers - images provided by digital marketer

All companies that do email marketing have a common problem. They have customers who stop looking at their emails. If your company or community does nothing to solve that problem, they are losing potential revenue.

You can set up a reengagement/win back emails in order to get them back. While it does seem a bit of overreaching, it makes sense in the long run. By setting up a reengagement/win back series, you can bring people back and put them through Engagement and Ascension.

Leaving disengaged emails from your company’s list of emails can do more harm than good. Holding off on contacting people does damage to deliverability. Being actively engaged with these people can help your avoid the spam folder.

In our MacDougall example, let’s say they had residents who were thinking of leaving because of rent being too high. The community would reengage them with a series of win back emails addressing their concerns. The emails would talk about ways on getting a discount on their rent.

Beginning your Email Marketing Strategy

Now that you have an understanding of the five stages of email marketing, you need to determine where you’d be most effective. Each business is different. Some would see more revenue in the core offers. Others can make more in ascending customers with the right emails.

Here are some questions to ask yourself about your email marketing strategy.

  • Can your community regain older residents with a reengagement email?
  • Would your senior living residential business benefit more from the initial offer or through ascensions?
  • Should our senior living business have a series of indoctrination emails? Or would we be better off with a single indoctrination email?

Asking yourself these questions can help plan your email marketing machine. As long you take the right steps, your community should see more business and more potential occupants.

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