Let’s dive into the Resident Value Journey after we set the foundation for your senior living marketing foundation in our last video.

Step 1: Awareness

Before someone can become a new resident – awareness needs to happen.  They must know your community exists, right?

This is the first step in the Resident Value Journey.

Now, this step is self-explanatory:  it’s where a prospective resident or a family member becomes aware of your community.

This awareness could be created by their actions or it could be interruption-based – but both can create awareness.

Here are some examples of Marketing that Generates awareness:

  • An adult daughter sees an advertisement for your community while looking for senior care information.
  • A couple searches online for senior living options near their current residence.
  • An adult son sees a Facebook advertisement for a new senior living and care community that just opened a few miles away.

All right, so now that we have created awareness – the next step is to engage our audience

Grade Your Current Resident Value Journey


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