Crafting your senior housing Resident Value Journey began with Awareness.  The second step in the Resident Value Journey is creating Engagement.  Scott R. Wells discusses how to move prospective residents and their families through the Engagement phase of the RVJ.

Step 2:  Engagement

Your prospective resident or their family is now aware of your community – they now know who you are, but you have just met and are just getting the relationship with them moving.

They are still looking for reasons NOT to visit your community.  They do not like or trust you – yet.

So, the next step is to start developing a relationship with them and begin the conversation.

But, what do you converse with them about?  Great question and often this is missed.

This is an opportunity to create a great first impression and avoid the biggest turn-off – talking all about your community, your food, your amenities, yada yada yada.

Listen, let’s get back to the dating analogy here, would you be interested in someone who, during your first time meeting all they did was talk about themselves and how cool they were.

What kind of car they drove, how big their house was and how much money they made.

Probably not.

Understand who your prospective residents are… what challenges they are having… what situations they are dealing with, meet them where they are – and engage with them about those challenges.

There is a time and place for explaining all your community’s features – but, this is most definitely not it.

Engagement continues throughout the Resident Value Journey, we will continuously be providing value, so it is something that you must get right…

Here are some examples of marketing that engages prospective residents:

  • An adult son takes a questionnaire to educate himself on different levels of care offered by senior living and care communities.
  • An adult daughter watches a video about how socializing for seniors can extend life quality and duration.
  • A couple reads a blog post about the cost comparison of senior living and care options vs homeownership.

Ok, so now we are building a relationship with our prospective residents and their families – and now we are beginning to earn the right to ask for a small commitment from them – let’s start generating some leads, see you in the next video.

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