Senior living marketing and creating your resident value journey hinges on creating new leads – this is the lifeblood of any marketing strategy.  In this step, we convert visitors to leads!

Step 3: Subscribe

At this point in our journey, our prospective resident knows our community and engaged with us in some form or fashion.

We are at a critical point in our relationship, a fork in the road… if we fail to provide enough value to earn their contact information and get them to subscribe – they just might be gone forever.

Then all of the effort to get them to your website has been potentially wasted.

Why is that?

Well, remember most are looking for reasons to not tour your community so we could be out of sight out of mind just like that.

Also, people are just bombarded with information online and just because they read a blog post or watched a video doesn’t mean they will remember us down the road.

Therefore, it is vital to get them to progress to step 3 in the resident value journey, we need to get them to subscribe…

This provides us with two things.  First, is their contact information and second is permission to market to them in the future.

Make no mistake, we have earned this privilege through understanding their needs and meeting them where they are… we provided value and in exchange received their contact information.

Most often this exchange is a valuable offer that assists your prospective resident furthering their education.

The biggest criteria for your offer is that it holds a high level of value for your prospective resident or their family – essentially you are asking for the first date… it’s kind of a big deal..

Quick note of distinction here – all leads are not created equal.

Leads received where the perceived value is low like newsletters are not going to be as valuable as leads generated from a tool like the SmartChoices Tool.

Here are some examples:

  • An adult daughter takes an interactive questionnaire to help her determine what level of care or type of community may suit her mom.
  • An adult son downloads a checklist on how to spot the signs of early Alzheimer’s
  • A widow takes a dynamic quiz to find out what activities best suit her lifestyle.

In each case, the prospective resident is filling out a form and providing their contact information to get the content or value.

In the next video, we discuss how to get your leads to invest their time with you and schedule a tour, see you there.

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