Senior Living Marketing is stepping into high gear with the Convert Stage.  In the last step of the Resident Value Journey, we generated a lead by providing value.  Now, it is time to nurture and encourage that lead to exchange something of great value to them – their time.

Step 4:  Convert

We have generated a web lead.  We got the date.

A win for sure, and now our job is to move them through the Convert stage of the Resident Value Journey.

If you can keep the web leads engaged, some of them will be ready to increase their level of commitment.

This can be a frustrating step in the process… especially if you have not followed the steps in the Resident Value Journey.

If you have skipped steps, not providing them with enough value, converting them into a tour could prove to be very challenging.

This is why 3rd party leads don’t convert at a high level into tours.  There has been no value delivered… there has been no conversation started… no trust built.

However, if you have built trust with the value you provided and information you shared they could be ready to take the relationship to the next level – with their time.

Make no mistake, this is a huge commitment.

For many, time is a much larger commitment than money – this is the exact reason many prospective residents and their families are looking to disqualify communities… they simply don’t want to spend the time visiting more than a select few communities.

The key to success in this stage is understanding that the purpose of this stage is to ramp up their level of commitment and come in for a tour – not to close the sale and get them to move-in.

Now, if someone wants to move-in sight unseen then by all means – if they are a good fit – move them forward.

But, this is for the vast majority of prospective residents who need to be nurtured along.

The goal is to move the relationship forward, not rush to close the deal.

Here are some examples of marketing that generates conversions:

  • An adult son schedules an in-person tour after receiving an email campaign specific to his mom’s memory care needs.
  • An adult daughter schedules a virtual tour of your community after taking a Senior Living questionnaire and watching a compelling video.
  • A senior couple schedules a tour after completing an application for residence.

Remember the goal here is to move them forward… one of the most expensive marketing activities your community will undertake is acquiring new leads.

This is also a great time to begin layering in a new element – positioning your community as the prize… your community has value and you have been demonstrating that value.

By becoming the prize, you create novelty to your community… you separate yourself from the pack… you create a desire to belong… you create intrigue… you create a wanting to be a part of something special.

This can be accomplished through a variety of tactics, but really it becomes a mindset in the Convert and Excite stage – which is up next.

Let’s See How Your Resident Value Journey Grades?