In this video, Scott R. Wells dives into how a tour can make or break your senior living marketing plan & strategy.  This is where you take control and establish your community as the ultimate prize.

Step 5:  Excite

At this point in the Resident Value Journey, you have a tour scheduled, could be virtual but should be in person.

It is now your job to make sure that this is an experience that not only builds on the trust but also positions your community as the prize – it positions your community as the solution to their needs.

This is you proposing marriage.  You are ready to pop the big question – make sure the setting is perfect.

This can be broken down into two sections – the pre and post-tour section – and the actual tour section.

Here are some examples of marketing that creates Excitement for pre-& post tour:

  • A personalized welcome video is sent via email introducing who will be handling the tour and what they should expect.
  • A personalized thank you video is sent out within 24 hours of tour completion thanking them for their valuable time and recapping how the community provides solutions to their specific situation.
  • You send out a post-tour survey showing that their opinion matters.

Here are some examples of marketing that creates Excitement during the tour:

  • Based on personal information you have already collected you organize the tour according to their personal situation.
  • Organize certain activities to be taking place during their tour like card games or fitness activity.

Now, let’s get back to positioning your community as the prize.

This can certainly be a paradigm shift for some, but this is a powerful tool in your sales and marketing arsenal.

This can be as simple as asking questions in a way that gets the prospective resident or their family member to demonstrate why they are a good fit for your community.

The goal here is to have them begin selling you as to why you should accept them.

This is a vital piece that does create excitement – it creates a feeling of wanting to be a part of something special.

This is how you close deals and separate your community from the competition.

The beauty of this strategy is that it has been built upon value and trust… and nurtured along according to their timeline, wants, needs and concerns.

You have earned the right to ask for the sale.

In the next video, we will discuss how you Ascend your new resident…

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