Now that you have a new resident, your senior living marketing takes the next step into the Ascend stage where you find opportunities to maximize revenue.

Step 6:  Ascend

Congratulations, you have successfully graduated to the Ascend step – where we now have a new resident and move-in.

You have sunk time, money and resources into acquiring a lead and made sure they received value in this process.

You earned the right to market to that lead and you nurtured them along their journey by providing value.

You leveraged your community as the prize and ultimately got a new move-in.

The ascend stage of the Resident Value Journey is where you can offer your new resident different upgrades.

Examples of Ascension may include:

  • Upgraded floorplan
  • Upgraded activities

This may or may not apply to your specific community as everything might be standard.  However, if this is possible this is the time to engage in these questions and upsells.

They may or may not accept, but you have earned the right to ask and if you truly understand their wants and desires – you will intuitively know what the best fit for them would be.

Ok, we are hitting the home stretch here – the next phase is Advocacy – and we will dive into the realm of referrals, testimonials, and reviews.

How Does Your Resident Value Journey Stack Up?