In the final step of the Resident Value Journey, Scott R. Wells discusses how to get Promoters of your community.  We have moved on from getting reviews and testimonials and now move on to raving fans.

Step 8:  Promoters

The final step here and promoters are the pinnacles of your fans, they are actively seeking to spread the word about your community.

In most cases, these are simply family members who are over the moon with how their loved one is doing.

So much so that they want to share that excitement with others and recommend your community actively.

In other cases, they may promote your community because you have created an incentive to do so.

Either way, this puts your community in front of a totally new audience – and it is coming from a trusted source, so a lot of the battle is already won.

Intentionally creating promoters is important because you get an extension of your sales team.

Here are a couple of examples:

  • Your community offers a free month’s rent for a successful move-in.
  • Your community offers a discounted rate for friends and family members.

This strategy is very effective as it lowers the cost of acquiring new leads and move-ins… so even though you may lose a little on rent for a month, the lifetime value far exceeds the reward.

So, there you have it – each step of the Resident Value Journey.  Remember, the job of marketing is to move prospective residents seamlessly and subtly through each phase of the Resident Value Journey.

I hope you enjoyed the Resident Value Journey series – it is a comprehensive digital marketing framework that allows you to attract, nurture and convert your ideal prospective resident into tours and move-ins.

I also understand it can be very overwhelming when you look at the entire thing and see everything that needs to be done.

There are some simple steps that can be taken immediately to take advantage of the traffic you already have and begin seeing results.

This is why we created the SmartChoices Tool – to help speed up the implementation of specific steps within the Resident Value Journey.

I’d love to have a conversation to discuss how we can help you start generating more leads, tours, and move-ins.

So, what I would like you to do is click the link on this video to schedule a call with me and let’s start the conversation.  Thanks.

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