The job of Senior Living Marketing is really quite simple – not easy, but simple.  Scott discusses this in today’s video…


Do you work for a senior living community

and have a sales or marketing role?

If the answer is yes, then you’re going to want to listen to this message today.

Hey everyone, I’m Scott R. Wells and today I want to share with you

Something that gets complicated – and I’m going to simplify it


The job of marketing – what is it?

The job of marketing is to move prospective residents and residents alike

Seamlessly and subtly

through each phase of the resident value journey.

That’s it…….Simple.

So, why does it get complicated?

There are a few reasons why this happens.

The first is… most communities have not clearly defined

What their specific resident value journey is.

Each step of the process someone goes through

in becoming a resident and then becoming a promoter of the community

It’s very challenging to know what direction to go

if you have not defined where you want to end up

the second reason it gets complicated is

there is a lost focus on results

the fruit of your labor… is what you are doing with marketing

producing the results you desire.

But, have you clearly defined what those results are?

Not just occupancy levels – but drilling down

into traffic, leads and conversion rates

So, if you want better results with your marketing

Define the path – define each step of the resident value journey

Then define what success looks like

Set targets, course correct if need be but start somewhere.

Obviously, there is a lot more tactically and strategically

But this is how you get started… by examining your current strategy and results

Creating a plan of where you want to go

and setting benchmarks

Then… Implement and Execute

If you want help with understanding

more about the Resident Value Journey

and how it can benefit your community

contact me and let’s start a conversation.

Thanks for joining me.