The ConversionFormula

Ralience Applicant Tracking System (ATS)


THESE LICENSE TERMS AND CONDITIONS (“Terms” or “Agreement”) is made effective as of the date signed (the “Effective Date”), between The Wells Partners, LLC and Arizona limited liability company dba ConversionFormula (“Conversion”) and Westmont Living (“Client”). Client and Conversion are referred to herein individually as Party and collectively as Parties.


This document outlines the terms and conditions for the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) provided by ConversionFormula to Westmont Living. The ATS is tailored to meet the recruitment and hiring needs of Westmont Living across its communities. At the initiation of this contract, Westmont Living operates 21 communities, and the services under this agreement will cover all of these entities.

Scope of Services

  • Ralience Applicant Tracking System (ATS): A comprehensive system designed to streamline the recruitment process, enhancing both the candidate’s experience and the efficiency of Westmont Living’s hiring procedures.
  • Google Ads Campaigns: Each of the Westmont communities will benefit from a dedicated Google Ads campaign to drive visibility and interest.


  • Duration of Commitment: This Agreement operates on a month-to-month basis without any obligation for a long-term commitment.
  • Cancellation Policy: The Client retains the flexibility to discontinue the service at their discretion. Should the Client choose to terminate the service, they may do so at any point without incurring penalties or additional fees. Upon cancellation, the service will conclude at the end of the current billing cycle.
  • Continuation of Service: Absent any notice of cancellation from the Client, the service will persist, renewing automatically on a monthly basis. Each monthly renewal indicates the Client’s agreement to another term under the current conditions of this Agreement.

Service Cost

  • Base Cost: The services under this agreement will be billed at a rate of $500/month for each community.
  • Additional Communities: If Westmont Living expands, introducing more communities, additional costs will apply as per the terms of this agreement, if both parties agree.
  • Additional Services & Features: The listed cost covers the core services described herein. Any enhancements, modifications, or additional features to the ATS or any other extra services may come with an additional charge.

Communication Credit Cost

    • Background: There are inherent costs associated with delivering business-grade communication services. Such costs primarily originate from fees imposed by email providers and phone carriers for large-scale, reliable message transmission. The institution of a communication credit billing system within the Ralience platform ensures the continuous provision of sophisticated features such as deliverability assurance, encryption, and tracking.
    • Communication Rebilling: Users registered on the Ralience platform will have their associated communication costs billed directly to the designated credit card held on record. This methodology has been established to ensure an uninterrupted and streamlined communication experience. Deductions corresponding to the consumption of communication credits will be executed automatically, with users receiving timely notifications of all charges.
      • Billing Mechanism: For users registered with the Ralience platform, communication-related charges will be billed directly to the credit card associated with their account. On checking your billing statement, you’ll typically find charges averaging around $10, mirroring the auto-recharge amount. However, be mindful that there might be minor deviations, usually up to a dollar or so, accounting for the taxes and additional fees imposed by phone and email carriers. This automated procedure has been designed for an uninterrupted and consistent communication experience, with users receiving detailed notifications pertaining to all transactions.
      • Cost: All expenses linked to communication credits will be forwarded directly to Westmont Living without any additional fees or mark-ups. The prevailing charges associated with our communication credit billing are determined by the fees levied by phone and email carriers. Any adjustments to these costs, in accordance with changes from these carriers, will be promptly updated and made available on the ConversionFormula website for transparency and easy reference. At the time of this contract, the current cost for messaging is as listed below:
        • Phone
          • Making Calls: $0.0147 / min
          • Receiving Calls: $0.0089 / min
          • Text Messages: $0.0083 / segment
        • Email
          • $ 0.000709 / email
    • Competitiveness: We are committed to offering a competitive pricing structure for our users. Presently, our communication credit charges are structured to be approximately 10% less than industry giants such as Twilio and similar providers. This ensures that Westmont Living can access top-tier services at an economical rate.
    • For more information, please visit: 

Scope of Work

  • Provision of the ATS System: ConversionFormula will be responsible for the building, customization, and implementation of the ATS across all Westmont Living communities stipulated in this agreement.
  • ATS System Features: The ATS will encompass the following features (but is not limited to):
    • Job listings
    • Detailed job descriptions
    • Personality assessment quizzes
    • Applicant status update forms
    • Email/SMS Templates & Functionality
    • Interview scheduling and information pages
    • Job offer details and confirmation pages
    • Automated processes and workflows to ensure smooth operation across all systems
    • Calendar tools for both applicant self-scheduling and internal organization
    • Other features and functionalities may be included but aren’t exhaustively listed here.
  • Integration: An integration between the job board ‘Indeed’ and the Ralience ATS will be established, ensuring smooth data flow and functionality.


ConversionFormula is committed to offering consistent oversight to ensure the Ralience ATS functions as intended. While we ensure the system’s functionality, its utilization is the responsibility of Westmont Living. ConversionFormula stands ready to provide any necessary support and assistance.

Separation Clause

  • Data Ownership: All data within the Ralience ATS remains the exclusive property of Westmont Living. The client retains full rights to continue using the system even if they decide not to employ other services from ConversionFormula, like Ads, SEO, etc.
  • Data Transfer upon Cancellation: In the event that Westmont Living decides to terminate this service, they are entitled to receive all their accumulated data from the ATS. This data will be provided in a comprehensive, user-friendly .CSV (or set of) format before any discontinuation of software use.