In Part 1 of this 3 part series, Scott R. Wells discusses 3 trends in Digital Marketing that will affect your senior living community and its marketing efforts.

Hey, everyone, this is Scott R. Wells

And this is part 1 of a 3 part series

Where we discuss the 3 big marketing shifts happening and

What it means for the future of marketing your senior living community

Welcome to the new marketing world

Where having a great community, just isn’t enough.

With all the competition springing up

Your prospective residents have all the power

To compete in this environment, you must focus on them

And communities need to remember, it’s not about their community

It’s about your future resident… your marketing must become resident-centric

Here are four steps to help in that process

Number 1 – Be Found

You must at least give yourself a chance

Make sure you are being found when they begin their search

Go where they are

This is the only way to position early on as a trusted guide

More on the guide thing in a minute

Number 2 – redefine what your community is

No longer can you simply define your community by Levels of care

Start defining your community by the whom – whom you serve

That leads us into number 3

Know who your prospective resident is

And know the journey they are on.

Understand the resident Value Journey

Empathize with their path and make them feel understood

At each phase of that journey

And that leads us to number 4 – know your role

My friend & mentor Ryan Deiss stated it this way

Recognize that your prospective resident is the hero

And you’re the guide

All right, that’s all I have for you today and remember

to like and share this video if it can benefit others – thanks for joining me.

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