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Aren’t You Tired of Buying Leads?

Did You Know:

*25% of your website’s visitors will NEVER book a tour or become a resident?

*50% of your website’s visitors aren’t READY to book a tour, and need more from you before they are ready?

*only 25% of your website’s visitors are solid, QUALIFIED leads?

If you’ve been relying on third party sources for your leads, your numbers are even smaller than that, as they typically only provide 1 to 3% qualified leads for any community at any given time.

Stop wasting time buying leads who aren’t ready or able to become residents!

The SmartChoices Tool can help weed out the unqualified lead, allowing you and your marketing team to identify the leads worth the follow up.

More leads, better leads. Leads that result in Tours. Tours that result in new Move-Ins.
Smarter marketing.
It all starts with the SmartChoices tool.

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Resident Value Journey (RVJ)

Throw what you think you knew about Digital Marketing for your Senior Living & Care Community out the window.  The Resident Value Journey is the path to building true value for prospective residents and their loved ones and ultimately – generating your own leads and increase move-ins for your community.


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