Understanding Internet User Types: The Searcher and The Scroller

Understanding Internet User Types: The Searcher and The Scroller

In the vast digital landscape, two types of internet users often dominate – the Searchers and the Scrollers. Recognizing and understanding these user types can significantly influence your senior living community’s online marketing strategy, steering more traffic to your website.

Let’s look at the Scroller first. This user casually surfs the internet, their attention caught by content that stands out amid the online cacophony. The advantage? They’re not actively searching, meaning there’s less competition vying for their attention. The challenge? Amid the digital distractions, capturing and maintaining their focus can be tricky.

On the other hand, we have the Searcher. These users are actively seeking services like yours, so their interest is already engaged. The plus side? They’re motivated and ready to commit. The downside? The competition is stiffer, as they likely have multiple options within their sightline.

So, which approach aligns better with your community’s needs – targeting the searcher, the scroller, or a combination of both? Our latest video provides insight into these user types and illustrates how acknowledging them can shape your online marketing strategy.

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Check out our video for an in-depth exploration of this topic.

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