Understanding Ralience Communication Billing

Understanding Ralience Communication Billing

Last Updated: 8/17/2023

Quick Overview: Every time you communicate with leads or clients in Ralience via email or SMS, there’s a small cost involved. This is due to fees from email providers and phone carriers. This cost is typically charged in “rebilling” bundles of around $10. 

At ConversionFormula, we take pride in offering Ralience, our innovative communication platform tailored to fit the unique needs of your business. We recognize that the costs associated with sophisticated tools can initially be perplexing, especially if you’re diving into such platforms for the first time. In this guide, we’ll unravel these intricacies, illuminating the inherent costs of various communication tools Ralience offers, from emails to SMS. You’ll gain insight into our pricing model, the necessity for a distinct Ralience phone number, and much more. Let’s dive in and ensure you can maximize the benefits of Ralience with clarity and confidence!

Why Does Communication in Ralience Have a Cost?

When we think of sending an email or an SMS, we often assume it’s free, especially with personal accounts. However, for business-grade services, especially those with the capability and scale like Ralience, there’s a fee attached. This cost arises from several components, but a primary contributor is the fees levied by phone and email carriers on Ralience for our ability to provide these communication services.

In addition to the base costs associated Ralience has with providing communication capabilities, Ralience also offers the following benefits that explain the communication charges within Ralience:

  1. Infrastructure and Delivery
  • Servers: Messages are sent and received through robust servers. They ensure that your communications are fast and efficient. Maintaining and updating these servers incurs costs.
  • Deliverability: It’s not just about sending an email, but making sure it doesn’t land in spam. Techniques and tools that enhance deliverability and prevent messages from being flagged are not free.
  • Bandwidth: As more messages are sent, the data transfer volume rises, leading to higher costs.
  1. Security and Compliance
  • Encryption: Your messages’ content must remain confidential. The encryption tools that protect them aren’t without costs.
  • Regulation: There are strict rules around digital communications. Ensuring Ralience aligns with these regulations involves costs. We also have made the registration process extremely simple by putting the application directly within our system!
  1. Features and Integration
  • Tracking: Ralience provides insights, such as if a message was opened or links clicked. Implementing these analytical tools is an added expense.
  • Integrations: Ralience can connect with various other tools and platforms. Maintaining these integrations is complex and incurs costs.

Rebilling & Communication Credits: The How-To

When utilizing Ralience’s communication services, it’s essential to understand the mechanics behind “communication credits” and how they function.

Understanding Communication Credits

Every time you send a communication through Ralience, it consumes a certain number of these credits. These credits act as the currency for all your outgoing communications, whether they’re emails or SMS.

Managing Your Credits in ‘Company Billing’

To keep a check on your current credit balance or to modify the settings related to rebilling, navigate to the “Company Billing” section within Ralience. Here’s what you can do:

  • View Current Credits: Keep a tab on your remaining credits to ensure uninterrupted communication.
  • Manual Credit Addition: If you feel the need, you can manually top-up your credits as per your requirement.
  • Auto-Recharge Settings: By default, Ralience is programmed to auto-recharge your account with $10 worth of credits once your balance drops below $0, signaling that the credits have been exhausted. However, this is customizable, allowing you to choose the amount and threshold for automatic top-ups.
  • Understanding Your Billing Statement: On checking your billing statement, you’ll typically find charges averaging around $10, mirroring the auto-recharge amount. However, be mindful that there might be minor deviations, usually up to a dollar or so, accounting for the taxes and additional fees imposed by phone and email carriers.
  • Historical Overview: Within the “Company Billing” section, you also have the convenience to glance over your past transactions and comprehensive billing history. This can be useful for budgeting and auditing purposes.


In essence, the “Company Billing” segment in Ralience is your one-stop-shop for managing and understanding all aspects related to communication credits and their rebilling process.

A Breakdown of the Costs

To ensure clarity and transparency with our clients, we’ve provided a detailed breakdown of the costs associated with communication in Ralience. Understanding these costs not only gives you insights into what you’re paying for but also allows you to budget and plan your communications effectively.

Ralience Communication Costs

 What Your Credits Get You

With a typical rebill of ~$10, you can expect:

  • 1480 emails
  • 120 minutes of inbound calls
  • 70 minutes of outbound calls
  • 125 SMS messages

Don’t Forget: You Need a Ralience Phone Number

When diving into the world of communication platforms, a common requirement is the allocation of a dedicated phone number. Here’s why and how it works in Ralience:

Why a New Phone Number?

All professional communication platforms, including Ralience, require a unique phone number to ensure that all communications are streamlined, efficient, and easy to monitor. This dedicated number ensures that your communication within the system doesn’t interfere with or get muddled up with your regular business or personal communications.

Why Not My Existing Number?

It’s a logical thought – “Why can’t I just use my current business number?” The challenge lies in integration. A process called “number porting”, which transfers existing numbers into communication platforms does exist, but unfortunately isn’t currently possible for CRMs like Ralience. 

The reason? CRMs and communication platforms use specialized systems and providers that often don’t align with standard business carriers. This incompatibility means that direct number porting is off the table.

The Workaround: Call Forwarding

While you’ll have a new number for Ralience, it doesn’t mean you’re missing out on any crucial calls. You can easily set up call forwarding from your Ralience number to your existing business line. You can even answer calls directly from within Ralience! These measures ensure you never miss a beat, even if someone contacts you on your Ralience number.

Purchasing Your Ralience Number

Setting up your new number is a breeze:

  1. Navigate to Settings in Ralience.
  2. Choose Phone Numbers.
  3. Click on Add Number.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions, and within moments, you’ll have your dedicated Ralience communication number ready to go!

Having a separate phone number ensures that you get the best out of Ralience without any compromise on functionality or efficiency. It’s a small step to streamline your business communications effectively.

Getting Started with SMS? Remember A2P 10DLC Registration

Before diving into SMS, there’s a crucial step: the A2P 10DLC registration. It’s a mandatory registration for all businesses in the U.S using SMS messaging that’s required to be submitted and approved before any SMS will be delivered correctly. Curious to learn more? We have a more detailed article just for that.

By understanding these elements, you can effectively manage your communications in Ralience, ensuring smooth interactions with your leads and clients. Should you have any more questions, we’re always here to assist.



1. What are communication credits?

Communication credits are like tokens you use to pay for sending emails, making calls, or sending SMS messages within Ralience. Think of it like filling up your car with gas – when the tank (or credits) run low, you need to refill to keep going.

2. Why am I being charged to send emails or texts? Isn’t this free on my personal phone or email?

While personal emails or standard texts might feel free, for business services like Ralience, there’s a fee. This is because phone and email carriers charge Ralience to provide these services on a large scale. It’s a bit like comparing your home printer to a big office printer – the latter has extra costs due to its advanced features and capacity.

3. How do I check my remaining credits?

You can view your current credits in the “Company Billing” section of Ralience. This is also where you can adjust settings, like when to auto-recharge, and view your past transactions.

4. What does “auto-recharge” mean?

Auto-recharge is a setting where Ralience automatically adds more credits to your account when they run low. For instance, it’s often set to refill your credits by about $10 when they drop below $0. This ensures you can continue communicating without interruption.

5. Why do some charges seem a little over $10 on my statements?

The small differences, often around a dollar or so, account for taxes and fees from the phone and email carriers.

6. Why do I need to buy a phone number for Ralience? Can’t I use my business number?

To use the SMS feature in Ralience, you’ll need a specific number dedicated to the system. This ensures that all communications are tracked and managed efficiently. However, don’t worry! If you’d like, you can forward any calls made to this number to your existing business number.

7. What is A2P 10DLC registration?

A2P 10DLC registration is a requirement for businesses wanting to send SMS messages. It’s a way to ensure quality and avoid spam. If you’re curious about the nitty-gritty details, we have another article that delves deeper into this topic, which you can read here.

8. Am I charged for social media messages within Ralience?

Nope! These messaging credits only apply to emails, SMS, and phone calls.


We understand that navigating business tools might feel overwhelming, especially if tech isn’t your forte. Always remember we’re here to help and guide you every step of the way. If you have more questions not covered here, please don’t hesitate to reach out!