How to Easily Add Conversion Tools to Your Website

How to Easily Add Conversion Tools to Your Website

A Step-by-Step Guide

Hey there! So, you’ve just joined the ConversionFormula family and are ready to add our amazing Conversion Tools to your website. Congratulations! 🎉 But now you’re wondering how to actually do it. No worries, we’ve got your back! In this blog post, we’ll walk you through the process step-by-step and even throw in some effective Call to Action (CTA) suggestions to help you maximize the potential of these tools. Let’s dive in!


Once you’ve received the code for your Conversion Tools from us, it’s time to add them to your website. The process is quite simple and can be summed up in three easy steps:

  1. Decide where you want to showcase the tools on your website
  2. Design eye-catching call to actions (we’ll provide some examples later)
  3. Add the code provided (sent to your email) on a standalone page, as a popup, or in any other way you want to display it

Step 1: Decide where you want to showcase the tools

Before adding the Conversion Tools to your website, it’s important to determine the best placement for them. You want to make sure the tools are visible and easily accessible to your website visitors. Some popular spots to showcase the tools include:

  • On your homepage or landing page
  • In the header or footer of your website
  • Within relevant blog posts or articles
  • On your community or service pages

We recommend trying to include all of the tools on the homepage, since this is where most people initially visit, maximizing the chances that you’ll capture their attention and convert them into a lead.

Take some time to explore your website and decide which areas would benefit the most from having the Conversion Tools.

Step 2: Design Eye-Catching Call to Actions (CTAs)

A Call to Action (CTA) is a prompt or an instruction that encourages website visitors to take a specific action. In this case, the main goal of a CTA is to guide your visitors towards engaging with your Conversion Tools and, ultimately, to generate leads for your community.

Once you’ve identified the best places to showcase the Conversion Tools, it’s time to design eye-catching call to actions (CTAs) that will entice your website visitors to interact with the tools. To create an effective CTA, consider using website banners, ribbons, or even popups that stand out and grab the attention of your visitors, along with succinct descriptions of the Conversion Tools so the user knows what to expect. Here are some tips for creating compelling CTAs:

  • Use clear and concise language that communicates the value of the tool
  • Choose a contrasting color for your CTA button that stands out against your website’s background
  • Ensure the font size and style are easy to read and consistent with your website’s overall design

Here are some examples of the types of CTAs we’ve used previously:

Step 3: Add the Conversion Tool Code

With your CTAs designed and your preferred locations chosen, it’s time to add the Conversion Tools code to your website. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Check your email for the code we sent you
  2. Copy the code to your clipboard
  3. Log in to your website builder platform (e.g., WordPress, WIX, Squarespace, etc.)
  4. Navigate to the desired location where you want to showcase the Conversion Tools
  5. Paste the code in the appropriate area, depending on whether you want to display the tools on a standalone page, as a popup, or in some other way

Click below to see specific instructions on adding the code for certain website builders.

Adding the Conversion Widget Code

For the Conversion Widget, you’ll need to paste the code snippet above the closing body tag on your site. If that sounds like gibberish, no need to worry. Here’s how to do this on popular website builders:

And there you have it – a comprehensive guide to effortlessly adding ConversionFormula’s Conversion Tools to your website, no matter which platform you use. By following the steps outlined above and incorporating engaging CTAs, you’ll be on your way to generating more leads and providing immense value to your website visitors. Get ready to transform your community’s resident acquisition process and watch your occupancy rates soar!

If you have any questions or need assistance with any of these steps, please don’t hesitate to reach out to ConversionFormula Support at We’re here to help you succeed!