Resident Acquisition Model

Identify with Precision.  Attract with Content.  Convert with Value.  Engage with Care.

Sell with Elegance.

Before the drilling begins, you need to find the oil.

Before the marketing begins, you need to find the right kind of lead.

The Conversion Formula For Senior Living Communities shows you how.

Now, your prospective future resident is identified, understood, and prioritized.

This discipline lies at the heart of how we help our senior living community clients redefine and achieve their potential.

It’s the process that helped one of our clients welcome 6 new residents in less than 8 months.

The Conversion Formula For Senior Living Communities gives you a foundation for scalable growth, a process to achieve maximum occupancy, and keep driving NOI.

You’ll see how to create high value content so you can attract more leads, schedule more tours, and get rid of expensive marketing guesswork.

Exposure is easy. Traffic problems are simple to solve. Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn have billions of users.

Make a thoughtful investment, and each platform will send traffic. The challenge is to make this investment profitable.

The Conversion Formula For Senior Living communities shows you how.

You’ll be able to offer the quality of high value content that breaks through the noise, puts you a step ahead of the competition, appeals to the right people, and encourages them to learn more about your community.

But the job is only half done once you attract a prospective future resident to your website.

You’ll know what to do with people who come to your site, express some interest, but don’t schedule a tour.

Senior living communities don’t increase occupancy just because traffic is driven to a website.

Occupancy grows when there is a simple marketing system in place that identifies the right kind of people, makes a strong connection with them, keeps them interested in you, and encourages them to take action.

There can’t be a community without a resident. And there can’t be a resident without conversion.

The moment when conversion takes place is the moment that defines the future of your occupancy rate.

Without conversion, people who come to your site never come take a tour.

The Conversion Formula For Senior Living Communities shows you how to add sales and marketing impact to your site.

You’ll know how to put prospective residents who schedule a tour in a frame of mind where they’re excited and emotionally connected before they set foot on your property.

They will come to the tour prepared to say, “Yes.”

You’ll prepare for conversion by laying identification and attraction groundwork.

We have found that taking these two preliminary steps can reduce many of the traditional challenges of conversion.

Conversion does not exist in a vacuum. It is more than a call to action.

Conversion is a vital turning point. It is one stage of a well-defined process.

It’s where you establish rapport with your prospect, illuminate the benefits of living in your community, create value, reinforce trust, and advance the relationship.

And now, you’ll be able to do this.

The Conversion Formula For Senior Living makes it easy, because you’ll have full access to our proven Resident Acquisition Model.

Your clock and your prospect’s clock don’t always keep the same time.

Some prospective residents are researching communities months, even years in advance of a move.

Because they are in the early stages of the process, they proceed slowly. As you know, they perform exhaustive research before they make a decision.

Some people are stubborn procrastinators, determined to stay where they are despite difficulties and family pressures.

Some are highly impulsive, who trust their instincts to race forward with decision-making. They are ready to make a move right away.

And others have pressing life-altering circumstances that mean they need to move quickly.

You’ll be able to use engagement strategies to synchronize your marketing with all these different clocks.

You’ll see how to make sure the process of creating a high quality lead aligns with your prospect’s behavior.

Push too hard when you should give a prospect some time, or stand quietly off to the side when the prospect is waiting for you to respond, and your community is taken off the list.

The solution is a simple process for meaningful engagement.

The Conversion Formula For Senior Living communities gives you a simple way to make this stronger, more profitable level of engagement easy.

Selling is an art.  Selling is not a dirty word.

Without selling you will have a hard time increasing occupancy.

Strategic Selling ensures your tours will have a much more comforting feel as the future residents have said “YES” many times before committing to a tour.

Less no shows.  Higher conversion from tour to resident.

Implementing a Strategic Selling system, seamlessly and subtly, moves your prospective residents from the initial stages of their search to making a life changing decision.

Strategic Selling is a value based approach to selling based upon having a deep understanding of who is a perfect fit for your community.

Executing this strategy is a beautiful work of art.


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